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How to Take Care of Your Furnace During the Winter

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Your furnace plays a very important role in keeping your home comfortable during wintertime. That’s why you must stay on top of winter furnace maintenance. Failing to follow a maintenance schedule or ignoring signs of problems can be disastrous. You may find yourself without heat on the coldest day of the year when all you want to do is stay warm indoors. Not taking proper care of your furnace can also lead to poor indoor air quality. This can negatively impact your health and that of your household. Even issues that seem small can worsen if you don’t get a professional to inspect your system. If you want to ensure that your furnace gets all the attention it needs, continue reading.

Lower Your Thermostat A Little

Your thermostat probably doesn’t need to be as high as it is for you and your family to be comfortable. Lowering the temperature can reduce both your heating costs and the load on your furnace. For each degree that you drop the temperature, you can save around three percent on your heating costs. Also, when you reduce the amount of work your furnace has to do, it’ll last longer.

Don’t Forget Your Filters

To improve the quality of the air in your home, you need to invest in a high-quality furnace filter. Medical-grade filters do the best job of keeping dust and pollutants out of the air your breathing. If you don’t want to get this type of filter, you need to clean your regular filters often. At a minimum, you should change your furnace filter once before the start of every season. If you have pets or you suffer from a respiratory condition, you should consider replacing it more often.

Make Sure Your Ducts Are Clean

You need to pay attention to your ducts at the start of winter. If the ducts are dirty, the warm air generated by your furnace will pick up pollutants along the way. To avoid breathing in unclean air whenever you’re at home, you need to call an HVAC contractor for duct cleaning services. If you have mold or any other hidden issues, you can discover them at this point. If your home’s air ducts haven’t been cleaned for some years, this can put additional strain on the furnace. It can also cause allergies to flare up and trigger asthma attacks.

Schedule Professional Maintenance

Homeowners should book a winter furnace maintenance appointment as early as possible during the winter. Ideally, you should do this before the heating season starts. This will give you peace of mind as the temperature gets even colder. If your furnace hasn’t been maintained in a long time, contact a contractor to see what they can do for you.

Open Your Heating Vents

Individuals often close the heating vents in rooms which they aren’t using. They assume that this saves energy and money. However, this isn’t true, and it can actually damage the furnace. When you close the vents, you prevent air from moving through the system in the way it is supposed to. Pressure builds up in the system and makes it

more difficult for the furnace to take air to the rooms you want to be heated. The furnace, therefore, has to work harder and the home isn’t heated adequately. Occasionally closing the vents won’t lead to long-term damage but leaving them closed throughout winter can cause a breakdown.

What to Do If You Notice Problems with Your Furnace

If your heating isn’t working the way it should or the air seems unusually stuffy call an HVAC professional as soon as you can. Don’t try to fix the problem yourself or hope it goes away. Your comfort and health are too important. Depending on what’s wrong with your heating system, it may be a quick fix. Heating problems can often be avoided by scheduling preventative maintenance just ahead of winter. However, you shouldn’t have to struggle with a poorly heated home.

Contact C&L Services to Discuss Your Winter Furnace Maintenance Needs

There’s a lot you and other members of your household can do to ensure your furnace is in good condition. However, there are times when you simply need to call a professional. If winter somehow caught you off-guard and your furnace’s performance leaves a lot to be desired, call the HVAC specialists at C&L Services. Our team is highly experienced, and we’re committed to ensuring each customer gets excellent service. Contact us today to ask questions or schedule an inspection.


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