How Does New HVAC Technology Help the Environment?

Everybody seems to be going green these days. Whether it’s because you want to be kind to the environment or because you want to save money, it doesn’t matter. When it comes to your HVAC issues, the same rule applies. There’s a lot of new HVAC technology out there that can help you be environmentally friendly while being kind to your wallet.

Products and materials that harness renewable energy is one of the newest kinds of environmentally friendly HVAC technology. Some of the HVAC products that help harness this energy include:

  • Geothermal Heat Pumps: These heat pumps are just the latest technology for both homes and businesses. These pumps can be used for both heating your hot water and for space heating and cooling.
  • Ice-Powered Air Conditioning: These gadgets actually take your water and convert it to ice. It then creates ice during the night that will be used to cool down your living spaces during the day. This decrease how much you spend on your utility bills, especially in the summer.
  • Solar Power: Not only are solar powers energy efficient, they’re also good for the environment. When you install solar panels on your home, your electricity bill will go down by about 80-90%. And, since most states have programs where you can install them for free, it’s a win-win. Any energy you don’t use will get redirected to the local utility company so it’s not wasted. It saves both the homeowner and the community on their energy consumption.

If you’re interested in any of these new technologies, just give the HVAC professionals at C&L Services in Anderson a call. They can come out and give you a free estimate to see what works best for your home and your budget.

How Does Renewable Energy Work?

Most of the energy we use is generated by burning fossil fuels such as oil and coal. Not only is this bad for the environment, but it also uses up our limited supply of natural resources. At some point, these resources are going to be depleted. When that happens, we’ll have to find a new way to heat our homes and run our appliances.

The good news is, there’s something called renewable energy. A lot of HVAC professionals, including C&L Services, is recommending that their clients consider products that rely on renewable energy such as solar power.

Renewable energy, also referred to as green energy, is generated through alternate sources of power. Instead of relying on fossil fuels, it relies on things like solar power, water power and wind power. These things are constantly replenished. You don’t have to worry about running out of them. And, because it takes no processing to create these sources of energy, they’re much cheaper.

There are three (3)  major types of renewable energy: water power, solar power, and wind power.. Let’s take a look at these in detail:

  • Water power: Also known as hydrapower, this type of power is generated using water. The weight and motion of the water actually creates energy that you can use.
  • Wind Power: If you’ve ever seen those giant things that look like ceiling fans for the sky, they’re wind power generators. The self-propelled power generated by winds can actually create usable energy.
  • Solar Power: Most people see solar panels on their homes. They absorb the sunlight all through the day and then converts this energy to be used in your home or business. The great thing about solar power is that unused portions can be transferred to other sources.

There is a fourth type of renewable energy known as biomass. However, a lot of environmentalists disagree as to whether this source is much better than conventional sources of energy. It requires that certain substances be burned, such as wood. This is not necessarily better for the environment.

Contact the HVAC Professionals at C&L Services in Anderson

If you want to learn more about renewable energy, call one of the HVAC professionals at C&L Services in Anderson. They can review all the new, environmentally friendly HVAC products and explain how they may be a good idea for your home.

Some HVAC products do require a small investment. However, you’ll find that they more than prove their value over time. Call today and schedule your free estimate. We’re open 7 days a week, even on weekends!

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