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How to Prepare Your Fireplace for Winter

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Some people love to sit by the fireplace in the winter. When it’s chilly outside, you can sit around the fire reading or watching a movie. It can make your home feel rustic and homey. But a fireplace can also be dangerous. If you don’t make sure your fireplace maintenance is up to date, it can harm your home and your family.

It’s a good idea to call an HVAC professional if you’re not sure whether your fireplace is in good shape. The experts at C&L Services in Anderson can check to see if you need any repairs. Even if they can’t do the repair themselves, they’ll refer you to someone who can fix it.

There are a few things you need to do every winter before you try to use your fireplace. This way, you can make sure your family is safe. You can also ensure that there is no unnecessary damage to your home.

Make Sure You Sweep Your Chimney at Least Once Per Year

If you have a chimney, you need to get it swept at least once a year. In fact, a lot of people recommend that you do this two or three times a year. This way, you know it’s clean and free of debris. If you allow things to build up in your chimney, you’re going to end up with a clogged flue. You can also end up with a fire in your house or dangerous fumes. If you aren’t sure what condition your chimney is in, call an expert at C&L Services and they can check it out for you.

Is Your Blower Clean?

Some fireplaces have a blower and some do not. If yours has one, you need to make sure it’s clean. Most blowers don’t have filters. So, unlike your furnace, you can’t just replace the filter every few months and know it’s clean. You have to manually clean your blower so you know the air coming through your home is clean and clear.

Do You Need Any Repairs to Your Chimney?

It’s not enough to make sure your flue is open. You also have to check outside to make sure your chimney is in good shape. You really need to call a professional to do this. Not only should you avoid climbing around on your roof, but you probably won’t know what to look for anyway. A professional can look to see if your chimney is cracked or has loose masonry work. They can look to see if there’s any water damage. This water damage can cause damage to your roof and the inside of your house.

How is Your Chimney Cap?

It’s a good idea that anyone who has a fireplace have a chimney cap. If you do have one, you need to make sure it’s secure. If it’s not on securely or if you don’t have one, you can end up with a lot of rodents and debris falling into your chimney. This can cause all sorts of problems from ventilation issues to fires.

Make Sure Your Smoke Detectors are Working

Whether you have a fireplace or not, it’s important that you check your smoke detectors at least once a year. Most people tend to do this around the middle of October. You want to make sure that your smoke detectors are working. Test them. Make sure you install new batteries in all of your smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors. If they’re not working, replace them immediately. You can’t afford to let a day go by without working smoke detectors.

Have an Expert Look at Your Damper

The damper is what makes sure you have clean and regular air flow through your chimney. You want to make sure that the air flow is regular. You also want to make sure there’s nothing blocking your airflow. This can cause dangerous fumes. It can also cause fires. It’s important that you contact an HVAC professional to make sure your damper is working properly.

Contact an Expert at C&L Services About Fireplace Maintenance

If you need fireplace maintenance, contact one of the professionals at C&L Services in Anderson. They can come out and do a general inspection to make sure your fireplace maintenance is up to date and HVAC systems are in good working order. With winter upon us, it’s more important than ever that you protect your home and family.


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