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Can Solar Panels Destroy Your Roof?

People who are considering installing solar panels may be reluctant to do so because they’re afraid they’ll destroy their roof. This is a legitimate concern. When you think about the impact of panels, you should be aware of their impact on the condition of your roof.

Any homeowner would share this concern. Repairing or replacing your roof is a major expense. It may be the most expensive repair you ever have to make on your home. This is why it’s important that you understand how solar panels impact your roof.

The good news is, the professionals at C&L Services in Anderson, South Carolina can help answer all of your questions. They can also come out and look at your roof to see if solar panels would be a good fit.

This article will give you some reassurance when it comes to solar panels. You may feel better about your decision once you learn the basics of how solar panels are installed.

How are Solar Panels Installed?

If you’ve ever driven down the streets in your town, you know what solar panels look like. They are fixed right to the top of your roof. They help cut down energy costs and are kinder to the planet than traditional forms of energy.

In order to install these panels, the experts have to drill holes in your roof. These holes are fitted for something called lag bolts. These bolts are what hold the panels in place. They are durable and are resistant to extreme weather. This is why they’re used.

The size of the holes really depends on your roof. The lag bolts will be fitted to your roof. Your roof’s material will determine how big the holes have to be.

There are Safeguards to Protect Your Roof

Installing solar panels doesn’t have to be scary. While installing solar panels, the professionals do take certain safeguards. This is to protect your roof. The last thing they want to do is cause damage to your roof. The point is to save money – not spend more!

When installing solar panels, they’ll put flashing up to shield your roof from water damage. The flashing is made of metal or plastic and fit right under your existing roof tiles. You’ve probably seen flashing in the hardware store. It’s a very common material used to protect your roof.

They’ll also seal your flashing with tar or a similar substance. This keeps the flashing in place so any shifts in the panels won’t be able to cause damage to your roof. It also keeps water and debris from getting in under your roof tiles.

Finally, they holes are filled with a sealant. This prevents leaks and other damage from taking place. This sealant is water proof as well.

What About Added Weight?

Some people worry that solar panels will cause extra weight on their roof. This is true. However, your roof is built to withstand a lot more than the weight of about 25-30 solar panels.

Most customers have no problems with the weight of their solar panels. They’re more lightweight than you may think. Your roof is also more durable than you may think it is.

The other thing about solar panels is that they actually prevent damage being caused by the weight of snow. When heavy snow falls on a typical roof, it builds up. The extra weight can indeed cause leaks, tears and other damage to your roof.

With solar panels, you’ll have angled and sloped panels on the roof. This will actually cause heavy snow to fall off rather than build up on your roof.

Are Solar Panels a Good Idea?

Everyone has different reasons for installing solar panels. Most people do it to save money. Your utility bills can go down by as much as 60-80% with the installation of solar panels.

Some people want solar panels because they care about the environment. This is a great reason to make this kind of change to your home.

Regardless of the reason, if roof damage is what’s keeping you from taking the plunge, rethink it. There is very little chance that solar panels can cause damage to your roof. This is why it’s a good idea to have a professional from C&L Services come out and look at your roof.

A technician from C&L Services in Anderson can help with your decision about installing solar panels. Call today and schedule a free estimate.

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