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How Can I Save On Air Conditions Costs In The Summer?

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Summer is a time when you need to strike a delicate balance. You’ll want your home to be a respite from the heat outside. However, you won’t want to crank up your air conditioning so much that your energy bill skyrockets. Then, you’ll need to try to meet the temperature preferences of each member of your family. Before you get overwhelmed, it may be helpful to learn about all the variables that affect your home’s temperature. That way, you can keep your family comfortable while keeping some money in your pocket. Having a Greenville HVAC technician perform a tune-up can make a big difference, but some simple changes can also be effective.

Set Your Thermostat to 78F or Even Higher

This may seem warm but it’s the temperature recommended by the U.S. Department of Energy for when you’re at home. You’ll be able to stay cool without using too much energy. When you’re heading out for several hours, you can save even more energy and money by increasing the temperature by up to ten degrees. This can save you as much as ten percent on your cooling costs.

When your home’s interior is warmer, the flow of heat slows down. This means it will take less energy to cool your home when you return. If you’re uncomfortable, you can purchase a dehumidifier or use the tips below to help keep the heat down. When it’s time to sleep, you can raise the temperature a little more since your core body temperature will be lower. Try raising the thermostat to 80F and using light bedding and sleepwear.

Prevent Warm Air from Getting in and Cool Air from Escaping

Some simple measures can help your air conditioner to cool your home while using less energy. For example, you can use blinds, shades, and drapes to keep out sunlight and heat. Replacing the caulk and weather-stripping around your doors and windows will also help to seal off your home. You should also try reducing the use of appliances that generate heat. If you can use an outdoor grill instead of the stove or oven during the day, your home will be cooler. You can also use ceiling fans, standing fans, or small desktop fans. These won’t reduce the temperature in the room, but they’ll make you feel cooler as the air blows across your skin.

Reduce the Humidity

Outside will feel even hotter than it really is if the relative humidity is high. This means you’ll need to do more to cool down. If your home is properly sealed, the air conditioner should do a good job of reducing the humidity. However, the system should not be too big for your home. If it is, it will only need to run for a short time to cool the space and this won’t be long enough to dehumidify the home. Humidity of between 30 and 50 percent will keep you comfortable while also preventing mold and pests. If you want to take some of the burden off your air conditioner, a dehumidifier will help.

Get a Programmable Thermostat

If you’re worried about remembering to adjust the thermostat whenever you leave or return home, there’s a solution for that. A programmable or smart thermostat will ensure the temperature changes when necessary. You just need to set the temperature you want based on the time of day and forget about it. You can set the AC to warm up when you leave home then cool down about 30 minutes before you return home. This will ensure you have a comfortable temperature when you get inside.

Smart thermostats allow you to conveniently adjust the temperature using your phone or tablet. Some can also detect whether you’re home or not so they can change the temperature automatically. Many programmable thermostats will tell you the level of humidity in your home so you can make the necessary adjustments.

Contact C&L Services Today to Find the Right Solution for Your Home

As the warmest days of the year approach, you need to ensure your air conditioning is up to the task. At C&L Services, we can help you to stay cool and comfortable while keeping your energy costs down. Contact our Greenville HVAC contractors to schedule an inspection or ask questions so we can come up with the perfect solution for your home. Whether you need a modern energy-efficient air conditioning system, or your existing system needs a tune-up, we can assist you.

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