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What You Need to Know About Air Filters

If you’ve ever been to a hardware store, you’ve probably seen the air filter section. How could they possibly have an entire aisle made up of air filters? How many different kinds of air filters are there?

A lot of people don’t know the first thing about air filters. They know they’re supposed to change their filters every now and then. But that’s about it. A lot of people don’t even know what size their air filters are. And, that’s okay!

If you’re not sure how you’re supposed to care for your air filters, you’re not alone. This is why you should call an HVAC expert in Anderson, South Carolina. They can answer any questions you may have about your air filters or HVAC system.

Where Exactly are Your Air Filters?

It’s kind of important that you at least know where your air filters are. They actually go in the return vents in your home. If you don’t know which vents are return vents, here’s a trick. Turn on your air conditioner or fan. Check to see which vents are blowing out air. These are not the return vents.

The vents that don’t blow out any air are actually your return vents. In fact, if you put your hand up against the vent, you may actually feel it sucking air in. These vents pull the air out of your home and clean it. Once it’s filtered through the return vents, the clean air is recirculated through your home.

If you’re not sure which vents contain air filters, ask your C&L Services HVAC expert to show you. He can walk you through your home and help you identify your return vents. He can also show you how each one of them has an air filter.

How Often Should You Change Your Air Filters?

One of the things a lot of homeowners neglect is changing their air filters. It has nothing to do with it being difficult. It usually doesn’t even have to do with money. Air filters are not that expensive.

People just don’t remember to do it. Or, they promise they’ll take care of it in a week or two and then totally forget to do it. A lot of people procrastinate when it comes to changing their air filters.

If you’re not sure how often you should change your air filter, you can check the packaging on your replacement filters. If you don’t have your packaging, here’s a quick guide to how often you should change your filter:

  • Summer or vacation home – about twice a year
  • A standard suburban or single-family home – every 90 days
  • A home with one pet – every 60 days
  • Any home with multiple pets or people with allergies – every 30-45 days

Your HVAC expert at C&L Services would recommend that you follow these guidelines. The longer you wait to change your air filters, the less healthy the air in your home will be.

What is a MERV Rating?

When you’re shopping for air filters, you may see something about a MERV rating. MERV stands for Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value. It basically tells you how good an air filter is at purifying your air and trapping debris and particles out of the air.

An air filter’s MERV rating can be anywhere from 1 to 20. The higher the number, the more effective the filter. Now, you probably won’t see 20 rated filters anywhere but in a hospital setting. The average home doesn’t require a rating this high.

The HVAC systems in most homes in Anderson can’t really handle a MERV rating that high anyway. The highest you would want to go is about a 10. Anything higher than that and you’re putting way too much stress on your HVAC system.

When you buy your filters, the packaging will have the product’s MERV rating on it. If you can’t find it, check with an HVAC expert at C&L Services. They can recommend an air filter that’s ideal for your home.

Call an HVAC Expert at C&L Services in Anderson Today

If you need help replacing your air filters in Anderson, South Carolina, you should call an HVAC expert at C&L Services. They can come out and answer any questions you may have about your air filter system.

Call today and schedule a home visit from one of the friendly staffers at C&L Services. They can come out and evaluate your HVAC system at a time that works for you. Get your air filters changed before this season. You want to make sure you’re breathing in clean, cool air this summer.

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