My contractor, Carl was very helpful. I would recommend him to anyone! ~Ms. Wright

I was present for the complete installation. The crew answered all of my questions.
Overall the crew did a great job. ~Mr. Capell, Pendleton, SC

My local Trane® dealer said the earliest they could respond was 4 days later.  I then
contacted C&L Services and they were here the same afternoon.  Mr. Whitfield was very
helpful and gave me several options and prices to choose from.  After we selected the
system, he immediately contacted the supplier and the unit was installed early the next
day.  A few days later we received a “Thank you” card from C&L, and a letter confirming
the system numbers and warranty info.  I am very pleased with their services and the 3
installing employees were very polite, friendly, and hard working.  ~R.J. Butch Garber,
West Union, SC

Good personnel that made me comfortable that they are of good character and a stable
company.  - Ms. Patterson, Clemson, SC

We were very pleased that the contractor made time to work our replacement in before
the July 4th Holiday.  - Mr. Harvey, Clemson, SC

I will recommend C&L Services to everyone! They were great! Very Professional! We
would be sweating it in 104.  -Ms. Williams, Central, SC

Words cannot express how much gratitude and appreciation we have for you. Thanks you
so much for your willingness to work with us on purchasing this much needed unit.
- Mrs. Geer, Anderson, SC

Much thanks for the time and effort you spent repairing my air conditioner. Carl should be
well praised for the extra returned trips he made to finish the job in spite of the holiday, the
late hours and inconvenience. You truly earned our appreciation.
- Mr. Burzotta, Pendleton, SC

Thanks for such a wonderful job, I look forward to working with you in the future.
- Ms. Chait, Seneca, SC

Extremely happy with the installation personnel. - Mr. Emplit, Anderson, SC

I was very pleased with the owner and servicemen. They were all very nice and answered
any and all questions. - Ms. Carter, Anderson, SC